October 26, 2007

We’re here!!

Posted in IL tagged at 11:48 pm by Robin

Finally – we’ve arrived in Monterey at 8pm local time (10pm CST) and eaten and are getting ready for bed now. Our flight from LA to Monterey was delayed by 2 hours (supposed to leave at 4:10 local time, left at 6:10) and it consisted of a tin can with propellers. When we reached our cruising altitude of 16,000 ft, Bobbi told me I needed to pedal faster to get us to go higher. It was an interesting flight… Since we left Jefferson City at 5:30am (CST) and it is currently 11:48pm (CST), I’m about to drop – Bobbi’s already dropped (metaphorically – she’s just in bed, not yet asleep). The trip was good, but long, and we have arrived and are ready to sleep and get ready for our first sessions tomorrow. There will be more from us then!!


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