October 27, 2007

Saturday and AJAX

Posted in IL tagged at 9:17 pm by Robin

Today was BUSY. We started at the Wild Plum, as Bobbi mentioned in her post, and from there headed to Fisherman’s Wharf. While there, we noticed that the sea lions were particularly thick along a wharf close to Cannery Row, so we headed that way. From that wharf, we could peer over the knee-high stone walls and be within touching distance of the many HUGE sea lions sitting on the rocks against the wharf. It was incredibly cool!! While we were there, we decided to go ahead and walk to Cannery Row. After walking through the area, we stopped at Ghirardelli’s for diet coke and a rest while overlooking the bay. We walked back to the conference hotel after that, and I had a Turkey Jack sandwich for lunch. Then came the first pre-conference session…

The session was led by Karen Coombs (of the http://www.librarywebchic.net/wordpress blog – one I read regularly) and Jason Clark. They did a great job of giving an overview of the technology behind AJAX (a way to use various web technologies to provide data to web pages) and giving tours of library-related applications. AJAX is, essentially, what allows you to edit your photos in Flickr on the display page – without having to move to a different, “editing” page. I got LOTS of ideas, and realized that we use AJAX far more often then I’d realized. Mike is creating a Google Maps page that plots bookmobile stops – this is AJAX. Our desktop info page which pulls weather, the event calendar and the schedules link uses AJAX, as does our reference links page that pulls links out of our del.icio.us account. We are all AJAXed up!! This does not mean, however, that I didn’t get ideas for lots of new ways to use this really cool technique in even better ways on our sites!

After the preconference session, Bobbi and I ate at a nice little seafood restaurant that overlooked the bay at the end of Fisherman’s Wharf, then came back to the hotel where we are now *both* online at the same time. This is a big improvement from yesterday when I could barely get on and she couldn’t at all.


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