October 28, 2007

Project Management and Gaming

Posted in IL, il2007 tagged at 10:54 pm by Robin

I took it pretty easy this morning, just caught up on some ‘net stuff and wandered – while window shopping and stopping to people watch – down to my only session of the day. That one was on Project Management for Libraries and was interesting in that it gave a “library” slant to basic project management concepts. Our exercise was to start basic planning for a project to expand a Public Computer Center in a fictional library. It was a pretty good session, but the day was beautiful and it was hard to focus… After that session, however, I managed to focus without a problem. I went to the open gaming night and managed to get my butt walloped by Jenny Levine while playing Guitar Hero. Besides that bit of fun, however, I also met a BUNCH of the folks that I know via twitter and found some new folks to follow on my twitter friends list.
Bobbi and I met up again after the gaming night was over and went to the Crown and Anchor Pub for dinner. We just got back from all that and we are both about to drop – and the conference doesn’t technically start until tomorrow!! Fun, fun, fun!!!


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