October 31, 2007

Library Redesign

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Bennett Ponsford and Christina Hoffman Gola from the Texas A&M libraries discussed what they did (surveys, focus groups, etc.) to get information from students on their redesign project. The process of getting respondents was pretty interesting – they used email, facebook group bulletins and discussion forums to try to get users in for focus groups and surveys. Email was, by far, the most effective way to get folks to help them out. The rest of the presentation was focused on what they learned and was pretty much focused on the academic library and how undergrads, grads and faculty use the site differently. Not a lot for public libraries there.

The next presenter, though, had a great idea! Erica Reynolds, from the Johnson County Library,  got frustrated with her redesign process and decided to take the web group out of the library and on a field trip. They headed to the Nelson museum of Art in Kansas City and used the concepts from the 4000 years of art collected there to recharge their batteries and get ideas for their redesign process.

  1. Have a backup plan – they kept the old site available via a link so that if something didn’t get moved to the new site, they could still get to the information
  2. Be bold. Be dynamic. Be human – use pictures of staff, patrons and guests who provide programs at the library.
  3. When you paint to sell, you paint people – again, use pictures of both staff and patrons to get users interested
  4. Enliven your collection through reorganization and presentation (uses Novelist to populate “need a story?” feature)
  5. Technology changes everything – “if a director’s not blogging, we’re like – ‘what are you doing?'”
  6. Experiment with small studies and prototypes
  7. A desire for beauty and serenity endures
  8. We like surprises. Anticipating surprises is even more delicious.
  9.  A good guide enhances the experience exponentially
  10. Destruction and creation are forever linked
  11. Never stop innovating
  12. We can be both prestigious and playful.

I will definitely link to the last presenter’s slides – they were gorgeous and there was a lot more info on them… I just couldn’t write that fast to get it all!


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  1. Erica said,

    Thanks for the nice review! I posted the slides at: http://www.jocolibrary.org/ericareynolds

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