October 31, 2007

Planning & Implementation of Library 2.0

Posted in IL, il2007, presentations tagged at 8:42 am by Robin

David King, the web branch manager for the Shawnee county library in Topeka, KS, gave an awesome presentation about how to go about using Web 2.0 tools in libraries. He started off with some unfortunate implementations (private MySpace profiles, blogs that hadn’t been updated since 2005, etc.) and basically talked about how to manage these new tools to serve patrons. His main theme was to think through the goals for your library’s use of MySpace, blogs or whatever it is you are using. He also said to think about the services you provide physically and start offering them digitally (virtual reference, blogs to recreate or replace the newsletter, etc.). He also went through the process of deciding the content. His advice – ask for participation, whether you ask actively (hey – will you all leave your suggestions in the comments?) or passively (use action-oriented titles – like “were you here?” on flickr sets of events to encourage users to comment and say what they thought of the program). He also discussed the “best practices” for social tools – such as leaving comments open and editing them as needed and answering all comments quickly to keep the conversation flowing. He also enumerated the many decisions that have to be made when rolling out a Web 2.0 service – who creates (staff, customers, both)? Who manages the content – posting, editing comments, etc.? He ended with a rundown of the specific decisions that need to be made with each popular 2.0 service – who, what and why, mostly.


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