November 4, 2007

Getting Their Attention! Training Strategies & Social Networking Tools

Posted in il2007, presentations at 5:26 pm by Robin

In this session, the second presenter wasn’t available, so Karen Draper of Adobe, talked about her corporate training initiatives. She uses in-person, online and video-based training. The coolest part of all of this, as far as I was concerned, was the video based training – she could archive it and make it available for anyone to view or review as the case may be. She, of course, uses Adobe’s Captivate to create and share her video training sessions. She was able to show us some examples of what she has done and it was pretty cool. She also discussed marketing the training sessions – both through the paper newsletter and through a training blog that gave her the opportunity to post links to video or online content and to answer questions from people who weren’t at the session – and keep an archive of all of those resources and questions that she can refer back to as needed.


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  1. Karen Draper said,

    Hi Robin:

    Thanks for attending and blogging about my presentation. I do want to clarify something, though. The web conferencing I showed uses Adobe Acrobat Connect, rather than Captivate. I do use the latter to create other kinds of free-standing tutorials.

    I was so prepared to have half as much time to talk that I probably glossed over a few things a little too quickly.

    Karen Draper

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